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We are back with a new website

YPCG (Young people in Care Guru's)

What is a Guru? Why was this name chosen?
A). A Guru is a leader that leads others to new knowledge. This name was chosen because it is the young people in Care who are the experts and who know what they want and need. They can then use this knowledge to help others in the same situations.

Q.  Who are in the group?
A). The group started off with  Louise, (R.I.P) , Jonathan, Zoe and Kevin. Since then other people in Care have taken over and helped with the running of this website.

We  have featured in ‘The Ulster Herald’  and ‘The Tyrone Constitution’ newspapers.

Q. Where is the group from?
A). The group is from Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In the Western Health and Social Care Trust Area.

Q. Why was this group  set up?
A). This group was set up as we felt there was a lack of real help with money management for not just young people in Care but people leaving home in general. The ‘Money for Life Challenge’, Helped us set this website up.We were runners up in the ‘Money for Life Challenge’, in N.I.



Money, Money, Money!!! It’s never off the TV, papers and everyone always seem to be talking about it. But for something so common how do we learn to manage it better???

When you see an object you want to buy is 
1). Do I really need it? 
2). Do I just want it. 

We all need food to survive but do we really need a new dress or top??? 

Could you wait and think about big purchases for at least a day and do some extra research. 

Serach the Internet such as or will give you a good idea if the price you seen  is value for money.

Find the cheapest flights at  

Cheapest hotel rooms at

Shopping for food is a large part of anyone’s budget. 
●    Tips to save money can be shopping around different shops and looking out for special offers. 
●    Never shop when you are hungry as you will buy more food than you need. 
●    Buying in bulk and  sharing the cost between friends is a great way to save. 
●    Also doing a number of meals and freezing these can offer less hassle than cooking


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